Thursday, January 22, 2009

Power of Select..

Everything that is presented to us in life by what attract given the right conditions to evolve.

The ordinary consciousness, in general, does not have the impression, nor the minimum memory, having attracted consciously chosen or anything. If we were aware of this, we could perceive the thread of events in our lives, as well as the perfect consistency with our development plan.

But we have the power to choose and according to these elections, attracting circumstances.

Nothing is decided in advance. Everything is decided, minute by minute, depending on the learning process.

During the process we become increasingly aware creators. Our lives are built for the purpose of our learning.

What is presented in our lives is determined by our evolutionary process. In every life we are in the process of learning, construction, shooting, refining, harmonization and integration of different parts of our "vehicle". What we experience in our lives, are all situations that we are required to learn and develop skills at all levels of being.

The lesson not to stand again when it has been learned, and at school ... reappears only when we are ready to learn, and at school ...

We are in the school of life, always with the same goal: advancing awareness, wisdom and love and learn to know the great laws of the universe, to create a world of peace, and that in abundance for all this planet.

Life (made up of successive lives) is a great school, with classes, levels, examinations and tests, and even holidays! In life you learn with some intensity, things are moving, the precipitating events, we are continually tested. In other lives, there are more calm, rested, we integrate .. .......

Learning is an ever-deeper integration, the reality of our own divinity.

The important thing is to integrate the lesson that life is proposing here and now, be present in our life here and now, and conduct it in the most conscious and more harmonious with our resources of time. The work must be done here and now, exactly where we are, exactly the conditions under which we are.

These are precisely those that have been chosen by our higher consciousness in order to give the maximum opportunities for development.

Any work of evolution, including the work of changing context of thoughts, can be perceived as the conscience of the journey through different dimensions. But this trip has a goal ... accelerate the process and increasingly closer to peace, light and freedom.

That is the game that we have chosen to play.

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