Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sales man : Sir, which shaving cream do u use ?
Customer : Kumar’s.
S.M : Which after shave do y use ?
C : Kumar’s.
S.M : Which tooth paste do u use ?
C : Kumar’s ?
S.M : Which shampoo do u use ?
C : Kumar’s.
S.M : Sir , what is this kumar’s is
It an international company ?
C : No, he is my room mate.

All flowers don't represent love but rose did it.
All animals cannot speak but parrot did it.
All donkeys cannot read but u did it!

Ur Tarriff plan has changed!
Now make calls acc. To d size of ur Brain.
D smaller d brain, d cheaper will b d calls.
Don't worry yaar, u can make free calls!!

Easy to say - Difficult to stay..
Beautiful to feel - Difficult to deal...
Difficulty is a part of Life...
But That's the reason...
Why Girlfriend is never a wife?

Q:) Why do Gods stay up in heaven?
A:) Because they are afraid of what they have created!

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