Saturday, January 10, 2009

Definition of Love..

Love is the essence of is Divine, love is God... love is prayer, love is the beauty in nature, love is the smile in a kid, love is the tears of a mother, love is the pain of a wife, love is the joy of a husband, love is the peace in humanity, love is the friendship among all people in the is the bond which links all of us through lovebeats... ...

Love is the essence of life. without love we are incomplete. love in various forms. at the end we of course need a companion's love. and we need that companion for a lifetime without whom life is again is sweet, love is sour as well, love gives pain, love eases pain as well. love makes the heart ache, love then revives the heart as well... love is TRUST. love is is COMPROMISE.Love is divine, love is spiritual. love is honesty. love is sincerity. love is pure. love is crystal. love is GOD.

and God is love. So we must all love. All must be in love. We must love and be loved as well. If you love in return you will of course be loved. And its really great to love and to be loved. There is nothing greater than this in life.

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